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Here is a collection of some recent videos I shot for Baldwin

Baldwin at Capsule New York 2012 from Baldwin on Vimeo.

Baldwin Women Spring Summer ’13 from Baldwin on Vimeo.

Baldwin Women’s Collection from Baldwin on Vimeo.

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I am proud to present RyanStrong.com – The Work Of Ryan Strong. I will be using the website as a way to showcase the body of work that I have built over the years of my life. From multiple disciplines of photography, music / film score, motion / video directing and shooting, graphic and web design.

More then likely, unless I’m persuaded otherwise, this blog I AM PHOTOGRAPH will be directly integrated into the website as it is once you visit and this version of I AM PHOTOGRAPH will no longer be. While I love the home I created here, it can be a hassle to update both things. Let me know your opinion in the matter if you have a strong inclination.

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Very happy to show my latest film creation for Baldwin’s Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook. All shot in Kansas City on a Canon 5D MKII and Canon 7D along with using Davinci Resolve to color grade / correct the entire film. It was my first time with Resolve and I was incredibly impressed with the software. It’s really great to have tools like this that allow for your imagination to come to life. Enjoy…

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It has been awhile since I filmed a Style Film. Really happy with how this turned out. I used a ND filter on my lens and shot wide open in the middle of daylight. Made for a really nice look.

The music I wrote for this is/was a b-side for a instrumental album I’ve been putting together that may or may not be permanently filed in the archives or surface from time to time in my film work.


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I recently collaborated with a good friend of mine Elsie Larson to help redesign her blog, A Beautiful Mess and her sister blogs Everyday Elsie and Everyday Emma.

Our goal was to design something that really highlighted the amazing original photography and content with a very clean and simple design layout while maintaining the colorful aspect of the brand.

I am very satisfied with the outcome and love collaborating with such an amazing artist and visionary like Elsie! Visit the blog here: A Beautiful Mess

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I recently filmed/directed and also scored the music to a recent Style Film by Standard Style for Karen Walker. It was shot in Kansas City on the beautiful Country Club Plaza. The overall direction was just to film something elegant but not too sophisticated that it felt unrealistic. I was very much so inspired by the soundtrack Coco Before Chanel for the music. Enjoy!

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Recently I had the pleasure to work with the band Sleeping At Last to create an entire new web presence for them. Sleeping At Last recently has had some really great music with some really great placements in films like the Twlight series, and television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

I am very happy along with Sleeping At Last with the outcome. Below is just a snapshot of the home page, click here to see the full site.

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I wrote and recorded the theme / main titles to an independent suspense/thriller short film, The Landlord. Have a listen!!

Listen to it here if you cannot pull it up on your phone:

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The film I worked on for most of last year was produced by the company Milkman Max Productions. They needed an identity and production logo (or vanity plate) to play at the start of the movie, as well as music to go along with it.

I collaborated with Phil Borst and created something that I think is very cinematic or Hollywood, something that prepares you and lets you know… the movie you are about to watch will be of cinematic magic.

Inspired by the greats like 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and New Line Cinema, here is Milkman Max Productions. I composed the music, design the logo and Phil Borst did the animation/motion work…

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I had the pleasure to work on the design and retouching of the new Sucre album. Sucre is Stacey King of Eisley, Darren King of MuteMath, and my dear friend Jeremy Larson – I’ve been working with Jeremy designing every single one of his album covers and websites since the start of his professional career.

I had a blast working with the three of Sucre developing the look and feel for what the art and branding was going to look like. To make things easy I collaborated with the wonderful photographer, blogger and Jeremy’s wife Elsie Larson who took all the photos for the project.

Below I wanted to share some of the process of the retouching I did for some of the photography to give it the “Sucré” touch that brought everything together. We decided on the cover photo first (see below) then wanted the rest of the photos to go along with. I barely touched the cover photo, Elsie did such a FANTASTIC job.

I wanted this to be a timeless cover that could sit next to anything else out there that isn’t currently on shelves but also that spanes across decades. I created over 20 or so concepts for the cover ranging from water colors splashed across the cover photo, colored shapes overlayed on the photo, hand drawn birds sketched across the photograph etc. but it was TOO much. Less is more. SO I did what I thought best and came up with a clean and classic album cover. A simple sans-serif font of the band name across the bottom of the photograph…

The other photos that Elsie took were just as amazing but they didn’t fit the vibe of the cover. So I had a challenge. I decided to go for this magenta, sugary, kind of feel for the rest of the art so that it fit the cover’s magic.

Below you will see the transformation I take these photos in Photoshop in a Step By Step process. If you have any questions on what was done specifically just leave a comment I’d be happy to explain!

The making of the cover of When We Were Young single…

Original photo by Elsie LarsonSelective Color - subtracting a lot of Yellows and Cyans from the Blacks to give it that magenta wash.Layered in out-of-focus Christmas lights.Final Image - adding the Name and Title. Done.

Inside photograph of A Minor Bird

Original Photo by Elsie LarsonOverlayed some out-of-focus Christmas lights!Use of Color Balance and Selective Color - subtracting greens for magentas.Changing the lip color to a lighter pink and adding highlights to the skin.Final image... Added some vignetting and then increased the saturation.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Sucre yet, do it NOW. It is refreshing to hear well written pop music that’s been classically arranged that is accompanied by beautiful female lead vocals. Timeless albums like this do not come out very often.

I created a Sucre desktop wallpaper that you can download for FREE based on unused concepts developed for the album cover. Click the image below for a high-res 1920×1200 wallpaper!

Right click HERE on this link and “Save Link As…” to download.

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